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Thanks for dropping by This blog has existed since 2006 to help people like you conduct exciting and successful marketing activities, regardless of your budget. It’s written by me (Kimberly Palmer of Brazen Productions) who’s been in marketing for 20 years. I have spoken at events and conferences to literally thousands and thousands of people on this topic. I even get quoted in the media sometimes (recent Age article and Sydney Morning Herald article). I also author a blog on creativity and idea generation at You can also check me out on LinkedIn.

So why are you here?
Perhaps you’ve launched a small business, or perhaps you work in a large corporate but never seem to have the budget to make enough of an impact. Zero budget marketing is about using creativity and effort, rather than relying on the size of  your marketing budget. It’s also about what NOT to spend money on, and how to IMPROVE upon what you’re already doing. It’s about marketing on a shoe-string, or simply getting better ROI from your marketing activities.

What do you want to learn more about?
As this blog has been around for a long time, there’s quite a bit of content that you can start with. Here’s just a few of the several hundred posts to help get you going. If you want to keep in the loop, follow the blog or sign up for email updates when I post a new article. (You wont be inundated, the most I post is a couple of times a month.)


How to write a marketing plan – an hour a day, over 28 days

How to build a business website using WordPress

How to write a great subject line for your email marketing

How to write a more punchy speaker or author bio


Think marketing first, not marketing last

Characteristics of a good name for a small business

What you should understand before building a website

Do sites like Groupon work?

Whatever you do, keep the originals


Why making your written communications clear will save you money

Lessons and insights from copywriting legends


To pop up, or not to pop up (email subscription pop up boxes)

Case study on budget lead generation – 2000% ROI

How to turn subscribers into buyers


The marketing value of meta descriptions

Three things I didn’t know about Google Adwords

Small can pack a big punch on Facebook pages

Some tips for Facebook marketing on the cheap

Web design review – single page website

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