Don’t assume all web visitors are the same – B2B marketing tip

We tend to create one website and assume all our web visitors will be the same. That they have the same needs. The same level of understanding. That they are at the same place in the purchasing cycle.

Which is wrong, of course. Even just reading it, you were probably already thinking that!

Yet creating a website is such a big job, with so many decision to make about so many elements, that somewhere along the way we forget that it’s going to be read by all sorts of people, at all sorts of stages of the buying cycle.

Which is why it’s great to come across some inspiration of how to improve your site along the way. (Because you should never just build a site and forget about it – you should constantly be seeking ways to improve how it works for you.)

I got a great little reminder the other day when I came across the Insightly website when investigating CRM tools. They’ve recognised that CRM a technical product with all sorts of level of understanding – and so this is what greeted me on the landing page.

B2b services marketing

It’s a very clever way to not scare off newbies – and help visitors choose their own path through their site – that would also improve Insightly’s chance of selling to them. Which is really what a website should be: a key sales and marketing tool.

They didn’t stop at this. Further down the page there were free resources – again, for all sorts of businesses and needs. It’s far from the ‘one size fits all’ that many B2B and services marketing firms take with their website.


It’s worth remembering that whilst it’s more work to take this approach – it doesn’t really need to cost you any more. As with all zero budget marketing inspiration, it’s about spending creativity and energy – not dollars!

So remember: not all your website visitors are the same, especially if you’re in the B2B or services marketing space. It’s less about how your website looks and more about how your website works! Spend the time to perform some analysis and so some thinking to determine the type of visitor categorisation you might be able to do, to help better answer their questions…and so be in a better position to sell your service as the right answer.