Hello, I’m Kimberly Palmer – a Melbourne, Australia based Marketing Consultant, Event Manager, Entrepreneur, Writer & Marketing Speaker. Thanks for checking out this blog, where I’ve been sharing ideas and experience – my own and other’s – about all things marketing since 2006.

My marketing career has spanned more than 20 years, working on major local and international brands and also taking several start-up businesses and helping them grow to household names. This is why this “zero budget” marketing blog was titled as such over 10 years ago now – many of the businesses I’ve worked (or started myself) began with little or no marketing budget. We had to rely on creativity, smarter marketing and, sometimes, just plain ‘hustle’!

Marketing, entrepreneurship and business get my blood pumping! Speak to me if you need a marketing guest speaker, online or offline marketing advice, want to stage a successful business event on any budget or need clever words (marketing copy, a grant or proposal, an article written or even a book).

If you’re new to the blog, I suggest you start on this summary page of Zero Budget Marketing.



Kimberly Palmer on LinkedIn

Kimberly’s Blogs: zerobudgetmarketing.com & DailyInkling.com

In 2017 Kimberly is working in-house as Head of Retail and Marketing for Milligram/Telegram Co.

Or call her in the real world. In Australian it’s +61 (0)403 937 347.

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  1. Thanks for the message Kim. Unfortunately I’m working full time at the moment so not open to new clients/partnerships. If you need any recommendations, please send a bit more detail to me via email and I’ll see if I can help. I’m on kjp AT brazen.com.au. Best of luck. Kimberly

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