How to get more subscribers (or everyone still loves a giveaway)


Social media is a key tool for many businesses. Even if it’s something you struggle to ‘monetise’, you usually need to be on at least one channel for relevance, customer communications or just to get noticed. Posting, and engaging, on social media takes time. So you want to be talking to as many (relevant) people as possible. So what happens if you’ve got no-one following? No friends, so to speak? How do you get more subscribers?

Buying followers is just plain stupid, imho. You don’t want ‘fake’ friends – in real life or your social media audience. They’re irrelevant followers. What you want is people specifically interested in YOUR product or service. So how do you find them?

I’ve successfully used this same tactic, over and over, across multiple brands – and it works every single time.

It’s simple – and very, very cost-effective (which we zero budget marketers love!).

So what is this tactic? It’s two-part.

(1) You run a giveaway. (2) You make ‘tag a friend’ an element of the mechanism of entering.

But giveaways are a dime-a-dozen, right? They’re over, aren’t they? Oh no, my friend. Because everyone still loves a giveaway. A chance of something for nothing. A little ‘win’ in life without too much effort. It’s something you can use to build a potential customer database pre-launch, drive engagement – or help build your social media audience.

The bonus being: If you give away YOUR product, then the only people who will want to enter are those interested in YOUR product. By asking people to tag a friend, you’re getting onto a new person’s radar. And if they like what they see, they will follow you too (about 50% of the time, in my experience).

I recently ran a competition where the prize value was $129 (a new release pen – the true cost of the pen to the business was half this). I then spent $100 to boost on Facebook.

The post reach was 14,000 people. Facebook competition garnered 95 shares, 333 likes, 150 entries (via a comment response + a friend tag). Total new followers for the page was 250 people in a few days.

So the investment was $164.50. And I now have 250 more people who’ve CHOSEN to like the page – so 250 interested followers – for this very small investment. About 65 cents per person for a real live ‘good friend’ who’s interested in the products and decided to follow the page of their own volition.

So, as a zero budget marketing idea, remember: competitions are a marketer’s friends and that everyone loves the idea of something for nothing. So using a giveaway is a great tool to help you get more subscribers – for social media or your email database.