Clever pre-launch marketing tactic – Register to win

lofree pre launch marketing

This new keyboard appeared on my Pinterest feed and was so super cute, I immediately clicked to learn more. It’s a keyboard designed to look – and sound – like an old-school typewriter. I must have one…

Turns out the product is yet to be released – and whoever is in charge of marketing it is as good at their job as the designer who came up with this product. It’s getting excellent social exposure already, with that social driving people to their site…where it’s not yet for sale.

The purpose of the site, however, is to build their email database. So that when they ARE ready to launch, they’ve got an opt-in audience keen to hear and buy. As you land at the site, you’re prompted to put in your email and be notified when the product is available to buy.


And just in case you weren’t super keen to leave your email, they’ve even incentivised it – sign up and you could WIN one of 20. Needless to say, I left my email!

It’s a little like a Kickstarter approach, where you ensure there’s a pre-paid marketing for your product before you actually make it.

There’s real zero budget marketing merit in building an audience to market to before launch. Essentially, it means you’re not paying for access to someone else’s audience! It’s also a chance to gauge interest (as so if you’re still at manufacturing stage, you can potentially order more) and even experiment with marketing messages and imagery.

This approach is a reminder that a ‘launch’ doesn’t need to be conducted one way. The design and presentation of this product is also a reminder that a special or stand-out product needs less ‘marketing’ than and copycat/me too product. People are going to want to spread the word – the best and cheapest form of marketing.

Thanks to lofree for providing some unintended marketing inspo – and please release your keyboard soon because I want it…badly!