Can you avoid an email unsubscribe?

subscription options

It is such hard work getting someone to subscribe to your email list, but it’s worth it because email is still the killer app of online marketing.

To be a good email marketer, you always need to include an opt-out, a chance for people to unsubscribe. But what if you gave someone another option? Perhaps they are annoyed by the volume of your emails (or all their emails, more likely). But if you could offer them the chance to reduce this volume, might they take it? I know recently I did.

I’m now living in the land of aggressive and constant marketing (aka the USA) and with a few household purchases have been a little inundated with daily marketing emails. I wanted to unsubscribe to some of them and came across the scenario pictured above with kitchenware retailer Chefs. I could unsubscribe but I could also drop emails to weekly or a couple of times a month. It gave me pause- and I chose twice a month instead of unsubscribing. Like most consumers, I was teased with the fact I might ‘miss out’ if I unsubscribed completely.

So clever, because it’s saved them a subscriber – someone who’s purchased from them and really is quite likely to do so again if reminded or appropriately tempted.

Why is this zero budget marketing at it’s best? It’s protecting an investment: work already done and money already spent.

Could you offer this on your unsubscribe page? Or if you don’t have that level of customisation, perhaps on your unsubscribe page you can give people the option to engage with you on social media by liking your page or following you on Twitter. These can be less ‘intrusive’ and if someone wanted to hear from you once, maybe they still do, just a little less often.

Here’s to holding on to those subscribers in some way, shape or form!