The upsell is a great zero budget marketing technique

Why is the up-sell and ideal ‘zero budget marketing’ technique? It’s additional ‘sales’ with no real additional effort!

I was reminded of the power of the upsell recently when I booked a hotel room at The Cullen in Melbourne. After completing my booking, I was offered a selection of potential paid upgrades. And I opted for the Cullen Suite ‘potential’ upgrade.

Now what’s funny is that I’d know about the suite but had decided I should probably just go with the cheaper room. Yet when it was then offered it after I’d already committed to booking with the hotel, I wavered and committed to the upgrade. And thus if the suite is available when I arrive, the hotel makes another $200 off me. And all it took was some clever thinking on their part.

I doubt I’m the only easily swayed consumer out there. In fact, I know I’m not. It’s the same reason it’s easier to convert a subscriber to a buyer at the time they sign up. We make decisions all the time, but they’re rarely set in stone. As consumers, we’re open to persuasion, especially when we think they’re something in it for us: a better deal, a better offer.

So where could you incorporate a ‘good value’ upsell in your sales process?