Every business must ‘do’ marketing

I was at an event last week and I met a small business person who told me she didn’t want to have to ‘do marketing’. She just wanted to focus on her doing her work (landscape gardening).

Saying you don’t want to do marketing is like saying you don’t want to do your tax: You still have to do it!

I told her she already was engaging in marketing, whether she realised it or not, by being at a business networking event. Doing an amazing job for her clients was also part of her marketing, so that they’ll refer her to other potential clients. When I suggested she ASK her clients for referrals though, she looked uncomfortable. And said “but the work just keeps appearing, so I don’t think I have to.”

My concern with this mindset is that business is never ALWAYS good. And if you’re doing nothing to fill your pipeline – it’s just somehow happening – then what will you do when one day it stops happening. You’ll have no database, no practice at trying to generate awareness and leads, nothing to fall back on.

As a marketing consultant, my job is hardest when people wait for business to be bad before looking for help. Smart business people are always “marketing” in some way – whether it’s building their reputation, telling their story, tweaking pricing, selling more to existing customers, growing their database, rearranging their physical or virtual store, finding new sales channels or through more traditional promotional programs.

I guarantee you’ll actually save money in the long run by always thinking about your marketing – the lead-generating and the non-lead generating activities – because you won’t be starting from scratch when you do have to ‘do’ marketing.