Handy (and cheap) deep etching service for photos

Just a quick one today – but this is such a great potential “zero budget” service for any of you selling online, or in PR, that I thought it rated a mention.

Pheditor is an Aussie based super cheap a photo editing service.

You upload pics to be “deep etched” (basically cut out of their background) and they do it in 2-3 days for $5 a shot or less If you have to pay a graphic designer to do it, you will pay anywhere from $30-$60 an image. So it really is a bargain and firmly in the zero budget marketing tools camp.

Why would you deep etch an image? It gives you a clean image to use online, or in a catalogue or editorial spread. I’ve used a pic from their blog to illustrate.

I’ve never used these guys, and I don’t know them, but this is such a good price it’s worth checking out if you need the service.

One thought on “Handy (and cheap) deep etching service for photos

  1. Etching photos is definitely a valuable service! I used FotoFlexer for mine, which is free online. It's a little fiddly but gets the job done and completely budget friendly! Thanks for all your links and suggestions for zero-budget marketing. I have used quite a few, including building my entire website and online store using WordPress, and they have done wonders for me!

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