Making a decision can be your fastest way to save your budget

Some people have raised procrastination to an art form. They want time to ponder, consider, discuss, weigh up options. All of these are worthwhile activities – but not endlessly. In ‘zero budget marketing’ TIME is money. So if you’re wasting time, you’re wasting your marketing budget.

Yes, if you make a decision you might make the wrong one. But you might make the right one. Spending two months hand wringing, when you should have only spent two days, puts you that much further behind a potential benefit. It also means you’ve possibly met and discussed the same thing for hours and hours (or spent many hours inside your head).

So if you’ve got something you’ve been pondering – make a call, or set a date when a decision must be made and stick to it.

Sometimes the call is no, sometimes it’s yes. But make a decision and move onto the next thing.