Do you have a call to action ON EVERY WEB PAGE?

What do you want a website visitor to do at the end of each page they read?

You will want them to read another page, sign up to an email newsletter, contact you, like you on facebook or even buy from you!

But do you ask them to DO this?

If your website isn’t brand new, you probably haven’t looked at it critically in a long time. Not only will there be out of date information, there will likely be a better way to say much of what you’ve written and you’ll find a call to action is probably missing from most pages.

You might argue that you’ve got buttons or links people can use to “buy now”. But why make it hard for your visitors? Why not take them on a journey; tell them where to go next from each page and what they should do. You might keep them engaged just that little bit longer, which gives you just enough time to ‘convert’ them.

You need a call to action in ALL of your marketing communications (just like the fabulous zero budget marketing sign in the picture) and your website is no different. Each and every page of your website is a piece of marketing communication. Make sure you ASK people to do something on all pages, not just the promotional articles.

So put your marketing web audit in your diary now. Not exciting, not glamorous – but it will be effective.

2 thoughts on “Do you have a call to action ON EVERY WEB PAGE?

  1. Thanks for your thoughts Amber. Even purely informational pages are there for a purpose – hopefully to make people want to trust you or your business. So there's really no reason the end of an "about us" couldn't end with something along the lines of "if you like what you've read, please give us a call" for example.

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