How to use product photography to sell online

If you’re a small business selling products online, you can’t underestimate the importance of product photography.

But businesses do underestimate this – all the time. Seriously, with some sites you’re lucky to get a single, badly lit shot! (Sometimes this is a cost consideration – marketplaces like eBay usually limit you to 1 photo unless you pay more. But most of the time, it’s just poor execution.)

Even if you have a low or zero marketing budget, there really is no excuse! You can get a cheap camera for a hundred or so dollars and do a better job than most online stores do. You could even use an iphone and use one of the hundred or so photography apps out there that can improve even the worst photos.

Depending on your product, photography can also often be sourced from the suppliers, so there’s little excuse to not provide…well, MORE.

You see, the secret isn’t really GREAT photography (although that helps). It’s having A LOT OF PHOTOGRAPHY. When people can’t touch and feel, try to give them the next best thing. Pictures, pictures and more pictures.

I’ve included this listing from fab Melbourne online stationery store Notemaker. This is a fantastic example of how to use product photography well. Why?

-It gives you lots of angles & perspectives.

-It shows you inside and out.

-It shows it to you in someone’s hand (valuable for PERSPECTIVE, which can be hard to judge online, even if measurements are provided).

– The COLOUR in the shots is consistent between shots. Consistent, and natural lighting if possible, is the way to get this.

Now what can be really worthwhile is including video (Asos does this with many of their clothing items). But that’s a bigger ask than photography, so I won’t get off topic.

So, consider what you’re selling online. We talk a lot about words, and design, but consider if there are enough pictures to really SELL it. If not, head off an get cracking!

Post by Kimberly Palmer at Brazen Productions – smart marketing, words & events