Don’t waste an opportunity – Why to always have a call to action?

One of best ways to ensure you’re wringing every cent (or minute) out of your hard won marketing efforts is to always make sure there’s a call to action.

Not just in an advertisement – on every page of copy of your website, on every email or letter you send, on anything you produce that aims to communicate something about your business. A marketing call to action doesn’t need to be a call to BUY – but it should lead your prospect/customer somewhere next. If it doesn’t, you’re essentially abandoning them – and missing a big opportunity for action.

This email I’ve just received from The Point in Albert Park is a glaring example of a missed opportunity and a missing call to action.

They’ve got something exciting to tell me – the fact they’ve again won the best steakhouse. Call me crazy, but I’m guessing the reason they’re telling me this is that they’d like me to think “wow, I should book dinner there”. (Which I did immediately consider doing, as my husband is a steak lover).

But there’s nothing in this email to encourage me to do this. Not a single line of copy. Nor are any of those awards images linked to a special landing page with more information on this story. (In fact, they’re linked to the home page of the website that ALSO doesn’t have a prominent phone number or call to action to book dinner or an event. For a bar or a restaurant, you must have that phone number on every page of your site – don’t make people have to hunt for it.)

They’ve spent the time (and dollars) to make a pretty nice looking email, with a great news message. It would have cost NOTHING extra to add this sentence, in prominent type:

“Kimberly, if you love your steak, we’d recommend you book for dinner now as we expect we’ll be jammed for weeks. Call us on XXXXXXXXX to make your reservation.”

It’s also the sort of news people would probably share with a friend or family member who’s really into their steak. So another sentence with a “send this steak news to a friend” would also be smart. And free. (Your email marketing provider will have this as a built in feature.)

Zero Budget Marketing – for small business marketing or large business marketing – is making sure every opportunity is maximised and paying attention to the little details.

TO DO NOW: Go check your communications and make sure everything has a call to action.

Here’s mine:

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