Cause related marketing done the low budget way

I wanted to share the cause related campaign the Grill’d burger chain are running…spotted when out to enjoy a Zen Hen Chicken Burger!

It shows that even a small investment can have a big impact – and demonstrates some very likeable thinking, which I suspect will completely resonate with customers (and their staff).

Basically, each “local” chain picks three local causes to support in a month. When you buy a burger, you’re given a bottle cap to put in YOUR favourite cause container. The cause with the most bottle caps gets $300, and the other two get $100 donated.
So it’s not a lot of dollars at all for the individual restaurant, but it’s making them LOOK like they care a lot. It gives the cause some $$ but also some important exposure. And it’s totally transparent for the customer. And having working for several charities, every little bit really does count!
Plus, the execution and management looks quite simple. So it’s a case of each small business marketing themselves using cause related marketing – and doing some good at the same time. The bonus is that the causes themselves may also encourage people to visit – I know of one case where a friend’s great cause JustBU was supported by the Malvern chain and she did email a bunch of people and say – if you want a burger, got to grill’d and pick her cause.
Ticks for this zero budget marketing campaign – creative and trying to make a difference without needing an investment of thousands and thousands of dollars.

PS. I really agonised over where to put my cap at the QV store – I went with the Queen Vic Women’s centre!