Email marketing – an "oldie but goodie"

I was recently asked to speak on email marketing. It’s a marketing tool close to my heart, because it has allowed so many of my zero budget marketing campaigns come to life. Who can argue with reaching 5,000 people for around $60?!

Lately, however, email marketing has been a little left in the cold by social media. In fact, you’d be forgiven for thinking the ONLY way to go is to the land of twitter, facebook, youtube, tumblr & the rest.

But I’m here to remind you that you should not neglect your old friend, the email marketing list. Why? The number one reason is that unlike with social media tools, it’s YOU that own the list with email marketing. You don’t really own those hard won facebook likes. If facebook disappeared tomorrow (god forbid!), so would your “list”.

It’s so hard to get visitors to your website. Thus, it’s often unrealistic that they’ll buy from you immediately. But it’s less unrealistic that they’ll engage in another way. Getting their email address is what I recommend you aim for, rather than ONLY ask them to like you on facebook or follow you on twitter.

If you’re interested, you can download a PDF of the presentation here>

2 thoughts on “Email marketing – an "oldie but goodie"

  1. This is a really good article and you make a very valid point regarding the possiblity of facebook dissapearing. Although we hope it won't, I do know of someone who's page was deleted by facebook in error recently and she had to start all over again. This is a good idea, to encourge "likers of the page" to join the email list.

  2. Oh, the horror of having your page deleted 😦 I think people need to get website visitors to engage in as many ways as possible, especially for a B2C brand. With the decline of sites like MySpace, but the ascendance of others like tumblr and google plus, it's just good marketing sense to make sure there's SOME of your hard won audience you're actually a little in control over!

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