Turn a window into a billboard

I’m a little obsessed with window displays lately – they are just such an underutilised marketing asset. I spotted this yesterday and had to snap it. It’s the ultimate “zero budget marketing” case as the window is advertising a business THAT ISN’T THERE ANY MORE!

These clever people have used a standard “we’ve moved” message to create an eye-catching display that is there long after they’ve stopped paying rent. (The landlord will likely keep it there as empty shops usually ensure you can’t see in…just too tempting to trouble makers).

And in true zero budget marketing tradition, they didn’t pay for expensive signage, this is painted onto rolls of butcher’s paper. Of course, someone is obviously a talented artist, which helps, but if zero budget is all about using creativity instead of bucks, this is a perfect example.

What underutilizsd physical or virtual space you could be using to make people aware of your business….

PS. The window is for Kappaya, now at Abbotsford Convent.