How to stop your flyer being thrown away

This little piece of zero budget marketing gold comes our way via a somewhat battered, self delivered, produced on a home printer with no graphic design, flyer from a local electrician. It hit my mailbox, amongst the bills, rare letter and catalogues that are usually there.

So what makes this little flyer worth talking about? After giving it a quick glance, I DIDN’T throw it out.
It survived the “chuck test” and made it onto my fridge, then my metre box.


It told me not to throw it out, and gave me a reason.

At the bottom of the flyer it said:

“Dont throw this away. Put it in your metre box in case you ever need an electrician in an emergency.”

So simple, but effective. If , like many people, you don’t have your own electrician of speed dial, this makes so much sense that I felt compelled to follow the flyers instructions.

This is what good marketing should be. A potential solution to a problem-and often a problem you didn’t realize you had!

This electrician got this. That it isn’t about spending a tones on design and delivery if you don’t have the message right.

It also shows that “unaddressed delivery”, the cheapest of “direct mail” ( you can letterbox drop yourself or pay Australia post around 13-14 cents an item) can get a result. Not every time, and perhaps only when I have an electrical fault, but with a clever enough message, it’s a zero budget marketing winner.