It costs a mint to make a tv ad – doesn’t it?

The internet really is the zero budget marketing tool that keeps on giving. I envisage a not too distant future where TV ads will no longer be TV ads. They’ll be little pieces of content people voluntarily pass on to each other – and then sit there and watch – online. Oh wait…that’s already happening!

But how does this relate to those of us with tight marketing budgets, you ask?

A week ago an (obviously PR savvy) junior ad-guy Ben McCambridge uploaded to YouTube a Sony Playstation 3 advert he’d made for $6k “on spec”. Yes, he’s done it to try and get hired/sell the concept to Sony, but the lessons to be learned from his story are:

– He made a VERY cool looking & engaging ad for very little $$ & a few favours

– Over 120,000 people have watched this ad in a week!

Now we’re not all blessed with a killer brand name or something as popular as video gaming to market BUT the potential here is obvious. Getting creative and capturing imagination is not about the size of your wallet. A killer idea has real potential to get real traction…you just need to come up with that killer idea.