List of free online inspiration sources for the zero budget marketeer

Every time I need inspiration, I find it in these online places. So I thought I should share…and being a zero budget marketing blog, these are all free 🙂

TED (Ideas worth spreading) – Billed as riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world”. Speakers are challenged to give the talk of their lives, usually in only 18 minutes. There’s always something new and exciting here.

Geekpreneur – Passionate geeks, web designers, programmers, and bloggers bringing to you the LATEST tips, news, and geek culture. They aren’t even that geeky, despite the name!

Springwise – Clever new business ideas, trends and innovations from around the globe, complete with suggestions on what you might take away.

Seth Godin’s blog – A prolific writer and blogger, the daily arrival in my inbox always makes me think…and often the thought is “A-HA!”. Pretty impressive stuff when you can create a daily a-ha moment.

NYVS blog – I’ve been getting more interested in video creation (on my super cheap Kodak Zi8 video camera that cost me all of $145) and this blog/newsletter is packed with great ideas and information.

SmartCompany – Lots of business news and advice tailored for SMEs. They often have great eBooks too. Australian site.

Australian Anthill – The online magazine billed as “by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs” there is lots of great information, dialogue and tips to be found here for the business reader. Australian site.

Wheeler Centre – A relatively new Australian (Melbourne) cultural institution dedicate to books, writing and ideas. MANY of the events they put on are free – or VERY cheap. They also often put up compelling video content of events on their website that are worth watching.

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