No more excuses for no business cards + how to make your cards work harder for you

Networking is one of the best and most effective zero budget marketing tools at your disposal – because you are (or should be) the greatest believer in your business.

So even if you’re an entrepreneur just starting out, you need a business card. A card can be a small but powerful marketing tool. And thanks to the web, there are some crazy cheap deals our there.

I just received an email via eBay that offered 500 business cards from Vistaprint starting at $5! Now I’m sure by the time you add some customisation, better card stock (you don’t want too cheap and nasty or what does that say about you) and a logo it’s going to be more than that. But even if it ends up at 10 times as much, that’s $50. A very, very small investment that will pay dividends.

Remember, though, to put meaningful information on your card, especially if your business name isn’t self explanatory. XYZ consulting doesn’t tell you anything. I’d also recommend using the BACK of your business card to expand on what you/your business does. Getting a little creative or clever helps with being memorable too.

I also recommend you DONT get a gloss stock. This is because I recommend people WRITE ON cards that they receive regarding the follow up from the meeting/conversation. Otherwise you can end up with a big pile of cards and be scratching your head thinking…what am I doing with this card?!