How to turn a negative into a positive

The measure of a good marketing business is how well they deal with problems; when things go WRONG rather than when they go right. Too often businesses ignore problems, ignore unhapy customers – but in the world of social media, that’s a dangerous strategy to maintain.

As a regular (some would say TOO regular!) online shopper, I am on many mailing lists. I noticed an offer from Mimco a few days ago, but was more interested in this follow up email that just came out.

I don’t know what happened BUT it looks like a promotion they’ve set up has hit some sort of snag; perhaps their fault, perhaps not. But what is interesting is how they’ve dealt with it. Not only haven’t they ignored it, they’ve provided a fix AND made a bit of a marketing opportunity out of it. I particularly like how their promo code is “Whoops”.

Ultimately, they’ve managed to turn a negative into a positive – and given themselves and extra customer contact opportunity at the same time. They’re also obviously committed to their social media, as the have immediately dealt with the comments/posts people have made regarding the issue.