The importance of a brief…even if you’re doing your own creative

Most creative agencies seem to agree on one thing; the better the client brief, the better the outcome for the client.

When you’re in “zero budget marketing” land, often putting together your own creative (copy, emails, website, promotions, etc), there is still value preparing a brief, even if it’s only for yourself.

Yes, it is more work, but it’s a good exercise; it makes you consider all of the important elements – IN ADVANCE. After all, it’s very easy to miss things when you’re trying to do everything; so consider it both a pre-planning tool and a great checklist.

Here are some items you might want to have on your own campaign brief…

Project summary:

What problem are you trying to solve?:

What are your 3 key objectives for this activity?:


Who are you talking to and what do you know about them?

What do you want them to think and do?

What single/clear message should the communication convey?: (eg. headline/subject line)

What additional information needs to be shared?: (body copy)

At what point in the decision making journey will the prospect see this communication?: (location, website, research vs ready to purchase, etc)

How is what you are saying that is DIFFERENT/distinct from your competitors? Why should customers care about your business/your offer?


What does success look like for this project/campaign? (eg. what results do you want?)

How you will measure success?:

What is the call to action?:


Is this part of a bigger campaign?

What relevant activity has already run? (from you or competitor)


Is there anything going on in the world that is relevant to this campaign?


Your logo
partner info/logos?
promotional code?
website address? And have you double checked the accuracy of any links!
telephone no?
corporate font?
terms and conditions?

Timings Material deadlines: Live Date: End Date: Review point: (etc)

No – go forth and run a more successful zero budget marketing campaign!