Make your marketing more effective by following all the way through

A clever little marketing campaign came across my path today that demonstrates the value of following through.

I subscribe to SourceBottle, which is a fab little service that features shout outs from journo’s to the marketing/pr community. They pay for this service (I’m guessing) through the ads at the top, which are often quite clever. Today’s was no different….

The copy read:
Does your website measure up?

Seems nothing will stem the tide of consumers jumping online to make a purchase. And this is true across the globe! Which is why it’s so vital your business is making the most of its presence on the net. Are you using it effectively? Or are you missing out on valuable sales?

The online specialists at FrontBox are giving you a chance to change all that. For TODAY ONLY, they’re offering their popular Online Conversion Analysis for only $97 (normally $197)! They’ll identify areas where the Internet could be working much harder for you, with detailed suggestions on how to make this happen. (No wonder it’s so popular.) In fact, FrontBox guarantee to improve the effectiveness of your web presence or they’ll give you your money back.

I clicked, as I wanted to learn more. And landed on the page pictured to your right.

Notice the first line? “You read the ad, and you clicked on the link.”

This is a simple way to tell me that they KNOW what offer I’ve clicked on. And to re-assure me that I’m in the right place.

So many online ads you click on just dump you on a home page (or a facebook page, etc) with no link between the offer and the landing area.

Online is still EXCELLENT value as a marketing tool – as close to zero budget as most tactics will ever get – but if you do it BADLY it’s a waste of money.

This campaign show the value of good copywriting, a good offer…and thinking it through the whole way. Congrats to the marketer/business owner that came up with it.

Happy 2011!

One thought on “Make your marketing more effective by following all the way through

  1. Hi Kimberly,My name is Chris Bates, co-founder of FrontBox. Just wanted to pop in and saw thanks for featuring us in your blog post :)You are spot on about online marketing being great value, but it's very easily a waste of money too. Thinking it through, having a good offer, and most importantly, having a landing page is vital.As a thanks for the blog post, if any of your readers would like to take us up on the offer we will extend the invitation to them!Cheers, Chris.

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