Simple (+ cheap) ideas can be incredibly powerful

Had to share this with you – part of a seatbelt advocacy campaign from the UK.

Apart from the fabulous viral component of this advertising – apparently having been seen by over 1 million people now – what I love is that this adv would have been VERY cheap to make, compared to the standard TAC type ads we’re all so used to.

Yet arguably, its impact is much, much greater. It’s not only quite beautiful to watch, it gets across it’s (multiple) messages without so much as a work spoken, a spot of gore or a score of smashed up cars.

So a very big pat on the back to the creative team that put this little beauty together – you’ve proven to us all that IMPACT has a lot less to do with the size of a marketing budget than you might imagine.

More about the campaign at:

Just in case you can’t see the embedded video, use this link: