I finally get it – why people are so passionate about Apple

I’ve long resisted the world of Apple. I succumbed to an iPhone but have had issues with it. I considered an iPad but research showed a Kindle was the better option as a reader (and I love it!). But when my second PC laptop died in 3 years, I decided I was really to give Apple some serious consideration. I did my research and found the Macbook Pro seemed like a good option. I even got it for a very good price, cheaper than my last two laptops. I’ve had it a week now and, to be honest, I’m wondering how I lived without it. Forget how great it looks and feels, it just works so much better than a PC.

But this post isn’t an ode to my new laptop – it’s an ode to the fact that I’m finally getting a hint as to why people are so loyal to Apple. It’s because they actually work very hard to make you feel part of a (brand) family.
You see, I have some queries about working my Macbook. And I discovered I can make an appointment at the Apple store – at a “genius bar” no less – to get some help. I can attend some free workshops on how to use various bits of software and hardware. I’ve even got telephone support for the first 90 days if I need it.
Now having bought many PCs, not only don’t the retailers offer anything like this, the hardware manufacturers certainly don’t.
All this isn’t “zero budget” for Apple to deliver – but they wouldn’t do it unless it generated A BIG RETURN. So it’s money very well invested.
Things like the genius bar and workshops are also a much smarter use of retail space and customer management than I’ve ever seen. They’ve taken the same tools as everyone else – a shop, some shop assistants, a set amount of retail hours, , some hardware to sell – and they’ve then done something VERY clever with it. They’ve even dealing with some potential negatives – only ONE location and only helping people at set times they need to book well in advance – and managed to make them a positive.
How can YOU rethink your set of marketing tools and essentially CHANGE the game you’re playing?