It’s just a sign, isn’t it?

You know, sometimes in marketing, it’s the little things that matter. Small cost items that can have a BIG impact if only you put a little bit of creative thought into them.

I’ve spotted two signs recently that I think are worth their weight in gold. One perhaps a bit more obviously than the other.
So first, the subtle sign. I saw this in clothing store “Forever New”. The sign simply says “Last of the Best Sellers”. What’s so good about this?

This little sign is working VERY hard.

It’s allowing the store to put a bunch of mis-matched product together legitimately, in a retail world that’s often focussed on making everything look just right.
It’s also telling shoppers that OTHER people loved these items, so this is a great place to hunt for a treasure.
Finally, it’s allowing items to be sold full price that would normally be relegated to the sale rack.

Then the more obvious choice – how great is this? Every time I walk past this office, I smile and think that these people are living their brand. They’ve taken a very average location (a smelly alley off china town) and a door with bars and done something to make you forget all that.
They’ve already demonstrated how creative they are before their prospective client have literally walked through the door!

So next time you’re thinking, it’s just a sign, ask yourself…how can I make my little sign work as hard as it possibly can?