Don’t be shy – ask for a discount!

I was reminded again the other day of a great “zero budget marketing” mantra:

“If you don’t ask, you don’t get!”

What inspired this reminder, I hear you ask?

A publisher called to sell me some advertising space in a local area directory for one of the brands I work with. Whilst I don’t usually go for advertising, this directory was a good match for the company and it had a direct response element, in the form of a voucher, my personal marketing favorite.

But – the advert was too expensive. The brand has a teeny, tiny budget – like many businesses.

So I cried poor and said that if they had “distressed space” (advertising industry speak for space they can’t flog and will slash the price of at the last minute) – and if they could make this distressed space half of the quoted price – we’d take the advert.

And a week later, they called back, saying they really wanted us in the directory. And we got the advertising space for … half price. Exactly what we’d asked for. So we could advertise and everyone walks away getting something they want.

So, let’s say it all together…”If you don’t ask, you don’t get!”