Yours aren’t the only customers out there

I’ve been working with Parks Victoria lately on an international event they’re hosting next year, the Healthy Parks Healthy People Congress. We’ve just gone live with registrations and in commencing the marketing for the event, I’m reminded of a great zero budget marketing tip.

As this is a first time event, and Parks Victoria don’t usually run this sort of event, and because we want to attract people from around the world, we don’t have a big database to market the event to. So I’ve been getting in touch with the many partners and supporters of the event – those that do have databases – and asking them to promote it for us. It’s in their interest, as you don’t want to partner with an event that’s not successful and they also want to be seen by their members/subscribers/customers as being involved in something important. And it’s in our interest, the only “cost” is the 10% cheaper registration we’re offering to partner organisation members.

So it’s the perfect “zero budget marketing” strategy.

Does this apply outside events? Of course. Every business has something they want to promote. Every business wants to be able to reach new prospects with a tailored marketing message. So who would like to talk to YOUR customers. And who’s customers would YOU like to talk to.

It’s not as hard as you might think to pick up the phone and say “I’ve got this idea that would work for both of us”. I guarantee that in 90% of cases, you’ll get a yes if it’s an offer that works as well for them as it does for you.