Another email marketing tool that’s the right price (cheap)!

Email marketing is something most business people and marketers live buy, but finding a cheap enough and good enough service can be tricky. Most affordable solutions are US based and I’ve come across another good one – AWeber. Their monthly fees are reasonable, esp if you don’t have a massive list (eg. $US19 for up to 500 subscribers)

But even if you don’t want to use their service, I came across a GREAT tip on their blog.

Turn Your Blog’s Best Content Into an Automated Email Newsletter
There’s no reason to put all that hard work into creating great content, then get just one round of clicks, comments and other actions from it. Why be satisfied with that?
Much of your blog’s content isn’t only relevant at one particular time. Get that old content out to them and make it fresh again!
Create an Autoresponder Campaign For Your Blog in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Identify Your Best Content
2. Turn Each Post or Group of Posts Into an Email
3. Add Your Emails To Your Follow Up Series

4. Once you have your emails together, create them as schedule “follow up” messages to subscribers.

You can check out the detailed entry here.

What I really like about this idea is the opportunity to stay in touch with new subscribers/customers for very little effort or cost. It’s a great way to manage a user experience with you and not leave it up to them to remember to come back and see you!

Mailchimp also has an RSS to email feature that would help you do this automatically.