Super cheap design

I love the Internet – it just keeps on giving when it comes to zero budget ideas.

I have come across a great site that I think many small business people, especially those starting out, should give a try.
It’s a site where you can buy existing design templates, already laid out, for under US$100. As getting custom design done is one of the most expensive things for new business people, this can be a great option if you’re on a zero budget – or under time constraints.
Yes, you’ll still need to do some of the work yourself – but that’s the zero budget challenge isn’t it – if you’re not spending $$, you’re often spending hours.
But another reason I like this is that buying design, if you dont do it regularly, can be tough. You don’t really know what you want and it can be hard to visualise what you want. Buying something like this that’s ready made means your costs are “capped” as you wont rack up designer hours trying to get it perfect.
So whilst a great designer is always a great investment, if you’re cash strapped, inkd is a great option!

From Inkd:

Inkd is the world’s first marketplace for buying and selling world-class print designs. Designers from all over the world sell on Inkd and offer print creative that can be customized any way you want. Use the designs as they are or just use them as a starting point to get you going on your own unique project.

At Inkd you’ll get print-ready pages with colors accurately defined, bleeds allowed and folds set up. Designers are able to contribute any print friendly design using the application of their choice. Most print files are either designed using the most popular Desktop Publishing Software Page Layout Software to include Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign documents.

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