I’m a sucker for a fantastic idea

I got sent this video and I loved it so much I had to share it. It’s definately not zero budget but it is a truly original way to tell a story. Plus, it may very well have been less expensive to make that had this been produced using actors and travelling around the globe.

So what is this? A potentially “boring” corporate video has been turned into something magical, off the strength of a beautifully simple idea.

So what can we learn from this?

If you’re facing a marketing challenge, ask yourself what you can do differently to everyone else out there? Don’t look to copy ideas from your competitors – look for inspiration from outside your industry.

This is a great example of how a fantastic idea, well executed, can totally bat above it’s weight.

Origami In the Pursuit of Perfection from MABONA ORIGAMI on Vimeo.

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