What if you wanted to double your customer base tomorrow?

It’s a tough question. How to double your customers or prospects overnight?

Wouldn’t it just take every customer to recruit ONE more person.

In a perfect world, that is really all it would take. But even though we’re not in a perfect world, it doesn’t mean the idea isn’t worth pursuing.

I’ve yet to work with a business that doesn’t get some – and often MOST – of it’s business from referral. (And as you can see, the smart marketers at World Vision are trying to tap into that with the recent email I’ve pictured).

And that referral is great because it’s MASSIVELY cost effective and carries the far greater persuasive power than anything a business could ever say.

So this is just a reminder not to ignore the most powerful new business tool at your fingertips – your existing customers. Get out there and motivate them to refer a new customer to you.