Turning a weakness into a strength

Last week I spoke to some (very fit) business owners at Filex – a big national health a fitness conference. I loved a story I heard from one business owner, who started his personal training business five years ago. He didn’t have much cash when they started so he couldn’t afford to buy the equipment – the impressive bells and whistles – that other trainers had. So he made a smart call. He decided to position his business on having no equipment. He put on the spin that “it’s just the trainer and you, getting back to basics”. And six years later, it’s still their busines philosophy, despite having 6 full time staff and the budget to buy the equipment if he wanted it.

Is there something your “zero budget” may be preventing you from having that YOU could turn into a key point of difference? This is a great lesson to really focus on what you DO have, not what you DON’T have!