How about a completely free website?

This post is getting back into the totally, no holds barred, got no cash at all, zero budget marketing zone.

When organising a charity race day recently, I set myself the challenge of setting up a website completely free of charge, including integrating payment for the tickets.

The answer came in the form of (don’t tell Blogger) -Wordpress. I had the idea courtesy of the clever and lovely Australian mook (mag/book) DumboFeather – which, when I visited their site, found had the feel of some blogs I’d seen. So I checked out WordPress and found that they have the ability to create a blog with pages and other “widgets” – meaning you can essentially set up a proper and dynamic website free of charge. You can even have your own URL (instead of a if you cough up about $100.

So then for the payments part. For this I went to Paypal. I set up an account, again for free, with payment only when you take funds (it’s around 2.4% plus 30c a charge). I created a “buy it now” button, got some code (which I couldn’t work out how to put on the blog) but I also got a URL link that you could put in an email. I used this link to literally link the words “buy a ticket” to this URL and hey presto, I was able to sell tickets.

Now if I wanted to get into building a database, I could have integrated something like zookoda and I’d be off!

And if you think all this sounds too tricky, remember I’m a marketer, not a techie. I managed to set up the site and the paypal option in a couple of hours. If I can do it, you can do it.

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