Don’t forget the simple things

Successful marketing is rarely about a single silver bullet. Instead, it’s about many, many little things that joined together, deliver results for a business.

So this post is about a little thing. Your email signature. If your business is anything like mine, you can send and receive around 100 emails a day. Even if you only send 10 emails a day, each one is an opportunity to share a little information about yourself and your business (AND as a bonus it makes it a lot easier for the recipient to get in touch with you in the future).

Now if you’re tempted to think that no-one reads an email signature, I’m able to recount from very recent experience that this is definitely not the case. I added a sentence to the bottom of my (already relatively long) email signature about the launch of my new book. And I immediately got back a tonne of questions and congratulations about it. I really didn’t think anyone would pay that much attention. But about a third of the people I emailed that week commented on it – which means more probably read it.

So if you’ve got something new or exciting happening, pop it onto the bottom of your daily emails. It’s totally zero budget – and I know you’ll be surprised at the response.

One thought on “Don’t forget the simple things

  1. Great advice – for both big and small businesses. Although I also recommend that if you work in a large organisation, your ‘promotional’ email signature should be standard across the company.

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