Design consistency is not only good for your brand it’s good for your budget

Marketers love consistency – that’s why all the big brands have thick design manuals covering the rules of how their brand can be used, in what colours and related colour palettes and even how much white space should be around a logo.
Just because you’re a smaller brand doesn’t mean you should be lax about ensuring all elements of your look and feel aren’t consistent. Apart from making you look like a professional outfit, it also has the added benefit of being cost-effective in the long term. Why? Well, when you have a clear idea and guidelines on what font, colours and style to use, it will take a designer less time to create new work for you. And that translates to lower cost.
Also, some strong design elements have the advantage of being useful for multiple purposes, which I’ve been reminded of recently. I partnered with a talented designer and illustrator on Dont Drink and Dial…and other secrets of female friendship (my first book, being published by Penguin and on sale this week) and we’ve been able to use variations on the illustrations she’s created for everything from a stationery line to icons on our website.

So get committed to consistency for all the right reasons: professionalism, aesthetics and cost control.