Knowing your customer makes for easy copy writing

I was trawling the net the other day looking for a company that does decking and fencing as I’m planning a spot of “back yard renovation”. This being my first home, I dont really know much about what I’m looking for – and I imagine the majority of people who are investigating online are in the same boat. And yet most of the sites I came across were AWFUL. Some had obviously had a lot of cash spent on them (eg. Bluescope Steel’s site) but they were all tremendously unhelpful. No “general” information about their product, lousy pictures and no advice.

And then I came across a little gem. The Outdoor Timber Company. It’s not the world’s most stylish site, but it spoke to people like me immediately. No chest beating and waffling words. The page on decking started with: “Decking timbers can be divided into three main groups” – and went on to explain the world of decking to me – and ultimately why these are the people to buy it from.

You can tell this site hasn’t been written by a copy writer either. It’s been written by someone that’s passionate about what they do – and they make you feel rather passionate by the end too.

So the zero budget marketing thought for the day is to visual a customer interaction…

Do you know what questions your customer usually opens with? Of course you do.

Answer these questions up front and people will assume that you know your stuff – and you’ll save yourself a tonne of time answering the same queries over and over.