It’s all in the application!

Last night I was speaking on networking skills at an event for mentors and mentees (otherwise known as heros) from a great program run by the City of Glen Eira and City of Kingston.

One of the ladies in the program came up to me after the event to tell me she’d seen me speak a few months previously on Zero Budget Marketing. And I was very excited to hear she’s applied some of the simple ideas she’d come up with from my talk- to great result apparently. Her business is a specialist painting business ( . She’d successfully used a promotion of a family ticket to the Guggenheim Collection as a means of getting people to update their database details. So for $50 she heard back from people who she’d been chasing previously with no result!
She’d also remembered the tip about marketing to people you’d worked with before – and when she got back in touch with past customers, found she got four jobs straight away – apparently enough work to make her wonder how they’d get it all done. And all for the cost of a few phone calls!
It was a great reminder that no matter what time we spend learning and listening – nothing happens unless we put things into action! So the zero budget additional tip for the day is “get moving”!