Selective advertising + targeting = low cost lead generation

Sometimes a little bit of regular advertising may be just what a business needs to keep awareness up or leads flowing in. But advertising is too expensive, isn’t it?

Well, not always. I was recently reminded of this when buying 10 spots on Melbourne’s Triple RRR -for around $500, including the ad’s production. Now 10 spots over a month isn’t much – but if the audience is targted enough, this won’t necessarily matter. These ads, over 3 months, have continued to bring in 3-4 customers a month for my client – which covers more than the aquisition cost – plus it has the benefit of spreading awareness among others who may join in the future.

Another option I’ve used with success before was a small print advertisement in one of Melbourne’s gay/lesbian papers. It was for a small laser hair removal studio. Now the first thing most people think of when thinking hair removal is girls. But we didn’t have the budget for advertising in female glossies. So it came down to thinking about who else is looks conscious and living around South Yarra? The small and inexpensive weekly ads – again including production – generated MOST of their business from then on.
So if you’ve got a targeted product or service, there may be a relatively inexpensive media vehicle out there that YOU may not consume, but that your target audience does.