Australian Media Contacts – Access a listing for nicks!

We all like the idea of some PR, free media being just the ticket for most zero budget marketeers. But the hard part can be working out who to contact, which journo, which section and then how to reach them.

You can do a little bit of research yourself – for example, if you see an article about your area, you know that journalist could be a good starting point. But the reality is you’re probably too busy running a business to be a good media consumer all day, every day.

In here comes the Margaret Gees Media Guide – a regularly updated list of Oz media contacts. You can get your own online subscription for about $400. Or you can apparently tap into your local library and get it for free – also online so conveniently from your desk – according to the Publicity Queen blog. Now if only I’d seen this handy little entry before forking out my $400!!

One thought on “Australian Media Contacts – Access a listing for nicks!

  1. KimberlyI’m soo pleased you’re out there spreading the ‘zerobudgetmarketing’ secrets.Am I’m thrilled I was able to help with the handy tip about free access to Margaret Gees Media Guide.While the bad news is that I couldn’t save you any money this year, just think of me next year when you go to renew your subscription.Publicity Queen xx (aka Sally Romano)

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