Why hasn’t someone thought of this before?

You know the cheapest and easiest way to market a product or service? Come up with one that people think is so clever, but so simple to understand, that people say to you: Why hasn’t someone thought of this before?

Too often businesses come up with something they know how to do, rather than something the market wants and needs. As a marketing consultant, when this happens, you know you’ve got a long, tough road ahead. Sometimes you can still make it fly – but the job is a LOT harder.

I was reminded of the beauty of a simple idea when I met the co-founder of Club Deck. You most probably haven’t heard of them, but they have thousands of customers – little and big. They produce sports cards for everyone – clubs, teams and players. You no longer than to be a world series baseball player or AFL footy legend to have your own card.

The two founders came up with the idea at a barbeque, fleshed out the concept, went out to see if they could sell it – and two meetings later ( you don’t get more “Zero budget” than attending a couple of meetings) they found they could quit their corporate jobs and head out on their own full time. Why? Because the first two big sports centres they visited said….Why hasn’t someone thought of this before?

So next time you’re cooking up a new business idea, product or service, looks for the simple and clever opportunities that could be staring you in the face. Marketing and selling is then the EASY part.