Use the festive season to reconnect and do a little good

Ok, we all know Christmas is about too much of everything – eating, drinking, spending and marketing.

So throw your hands up and give into it. I’m talking about the using the humble christmas card for a little bit of good will…and a little bit of marketing.

Step 1: Order some christmas cards from your preferred charity. This year ours came from The Prostate Cancer Foundation or check out the Combined Charities Christmas Shop.

Step 2: Set aside half a day to actually write a personal message on them – just a signature isn’t enough.

Step 3: Buy some stamps and actually send them BEFORE xmas.

Do not go the electronic card route – yes, yes, less trees involved and all that jazz, but we all know you’re doing it cause it’s cheaper and faster.

Staying in business is about tending relationships. This little exercise will cost you all of about $50 and may give your contacts that nice little feeling everyone gets when they feel remembered and valued.

Go on, start writing today!

ps. And if you want to go all out, why dont you donate a reasonable sum of money “on behalf of your clients” to a charity too. Big ticks to our friends at Storyboard Multimedia who did this.