Tap into your inner writer

Instead of hoping for some PR coverage, why not go out and create your own media stories.

Most trade mags survive on unpaid contributors. So if you can string a sentence together, have something decent to say and are willing to share your insights, I’d say: what are you waiting for?!

How to actually make it happen? Work out what mags are getting into the hands of your prospective customers – and look at their content. Come up with an idea that would suit their readers and then make a brief pitch to the editor. They’ll let you know if they’re interested in the story – then all you need to do is write it.

Depending on what and where you’re submitting, the same (or slightly modified) story may work across multiple sources. For example, a web based article listing will likely have a different audience than a print mag – so neither will be too concerned if you’re article appears on both.

If you decide to go this route, I’d suggest having 4-5 article ideas up your sleeve – as once you’ve been published once, you should aim to repeat the act every 2-3 months. It costs you nothing but your time and energy – but does wonders for your reputation and awareness.