Be your own PR person

Whilst a good PR person is gold, if you don’t have the budget to pay for these services, don’t think you can’t generate some of your own PR.
I got an email from a gal on our Networx database asking about the Zero Budget Marketing CD we have and we got into a bit of an email chat about how to market her business, Sassi Sam. She’s passionate about her products, but on a tight budget.
She’d sent out a media release – but I stressed the importance of following up, even if it’s one journo at a time. She took on the challenge – and a few calls later, got this piece in a Sydney paper over the weekend! A result in a week – and it didn’t cost her a cent.
So if you’ve got a great product or service or story, don’t be afraid to get on the phone and pitch a story idea to an editor or journo. If you’re onto a good thing, I guarantee you’ll see some results if you show the initiative.
ps. And if you need a great handbag hanger, you now know where to get one!