Aust Post cant compete on personalised communication

Sent to my work address this week was a cute little mailer from Australia Post. On the outside it said “To: Kimberly From: Santa” as part of the design. And it was a sales piece from Aussie Post crowing about the ability to personalise design…for as little as $1.40 each.

And I had to think – gee, that’s actually expensive. You mail the 6,000 people on my dbase for example and it would cost you $8,400 – and that’s BEFORE you design anything.

Compare this to the cost of a personalised html email. To email 6,000 people it costs me $60. $8,400 versus $60. Sorry, Aussie Post, just no contest. Even if I did have the dosh, I’d rather spend it on email. I could use telemarketing to build a list AND send it for the same budget…and then keep sending…

So the moral of the story is: get working on building your opt-in email database!