Being compelling is very cheap – but very hard!

You know, if you have a compelling enough marketing message and offer, it doesn’t take much to have a big impact. So back on a bit of a recurring theme, but perhaps it’s time to take a bit of a risk and put something out in the marketing that makes it hard for people not to want more.

I decided to check out futurist Faith Popcorn’s site when doing some research and I think her extremely simple site – breaking many rules as it has no real information – starts with a hugely compelling message: if you could know everything about tomorrow, what would you do differently today?

Get’s you thinking, doesn’t it. It then just goes to a screen that says “Let’s Talk” and provides her contact details. And if you were in the target market that could afford her services, I’m sure you would pick up the phone.

One simple question but you know immediately why you should call. I was impressed. How can you make your message this compelling?