Don’t be afraid to sex it up!

Ok, whilst I may have just been wanting an excuse to use this pic of some of the Italian Rugby players (my only World Cup mania indulgence, I promise), if you’re going for big impact on small budget, don’t be afraid to get a little saucy, cheeky or naughty!

You see, as much as we’d all like to take the high road, the reality is the low road is crowded with the easily titilated and amused.

A year or so ago we had some movie tickets to give away (to The Secretary, famous for it’s “spanking” scene) in return for people completing a online survey. Instead of using an email subject line of “Complete our online survey for free double pass” I went with “Fancy a little sadomasochism and romance?”. We had DOUBLE the usual email open rate to this database – almost 60%!

Forget being sleazy or sexist – but take a risk and appeal to people’s naughty side. We all have one…why else do you think something like Sexpo keeps selling out year after year…

By sexing it up I’m not only talking about sex – but making something more sexy. There is so much utter drudge produced in marketing materials that something with a bit of sparkle and shimmer will catch your prospects eye so much better. Name an event “Selling Cool” instead of “Youth marketing”. Send a chocolate telephone instead of leaving another unanswered message. Use some funky graphics instead of staid corporate stock shots. Have some bloody fun with your marketing!