Have a descriptive business of product name.

You know what really amazes me – how many businesses have names which don’t instantly state what they do. If you have minimal (or no) money to spend on marketing, the best possible course of action is to ensure your name says what you do.

I’ve recently become the proud (and weary) owner of a puppy – and I came across this great little Aussie invention: The Pet Loo. And the company name of the producer – Pup-Pee Solutions.

I love it – you know what they do without them having to say a word more!

So if you have one of those generic names – you know XYZ consulting – considering changing your business name to something more meaningful. If that’s out of the quesion, can you add a descriptive word to the name – XYZ tax consulting. Businesses often resist this as they are concerned it will make prospects consider them too narrowly – but I’d argue it’s better to be known for something, than not known at all!