$1 customer aquisition lesson…

The scary thing about spending any money on marketing materials is that there’s no cost differential between something that’s successful and unsuccessful. The website to the left would cost the same to product (for the graphic design, copywriting, hosting etc) whether it attracted new customers or not. So if you ARE going to spend money, make sure you do something special to make it WORK.

In this case, UTS have used the tried and true method that is still VASTLY underutilised by most marketers. They’ve GIVEN AWAY their product. You sign up and get a $5 credit to trial it. So it probably COSTS them as little as a $1 – and they’ve got all your details, they’ve got you to learn how to use the product.

$1 per cost of acquisition – for a service that’s about $60 a year when you convert. So one conversion covers the cost of your next 59 customers….You can’t get more zero budget than that!